I have written several books to meet the Christian needs of adults and children.


I am available to speak at your conferences, workshops, church, and youth events.


I am the founder of Christian Children’s Empowerment (CCE). Scroll below to learn more.


I bring light to empowering stories, works, and experiences using my platforms.

About me

Living My Faith

In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul says, “I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother… and your mother…, and I am persuaded is in you also.” This is the sum of who I am. I am the person who is living her faith which was first received through the strength and dedication of my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother. I am living my purpose.

My Books

Everything I write is designed as an empowerment tool. Below I share the fan favorites.
All books are available in your favorite bookstores or on 

20-Day Spiritual Jumpstart

Saying the word life can bring a multitude of emotions to a person’s heart and mind. This is especially true when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and disconnected. Something is missing. You desire renewal. You need your power source to step in and do a mighty work. 20-Day Spiritual Jumpstart is the devotional journal to help you reconnect, remember, and rejuvenate what you know has always been there. Each day of the journey helps you focus on a specific empowering Christian attribute. As you focus on the attribute of the day, you will find yourself in the scriptures and personal stories. Every prayer will bring you closer to God, and as you write about your own experiences and make requests, you will find yourself becoming stronger, wiser, and revived. Start your journey now.

God Didn’t Calm the Storm

As the storm grew outside my bedroom window, I faced a greater storm inside. Captivated by what I could not do, I sought solace in the one person who controlled all but only to discover that He would not calm the storm. A personal look at the turmoil we face when dealing with life storms, God Didn’t Calm the Storm: Instead, He Calmed Me takes a raw look at the emotional battles which ensue, how our spiritual sensibilities are sometimes overwhelmed by fleshly emotions, and what results when our spiritual sensibilities take over. Included inside are 8 Steps to Help You Come through the Storm and the bonus features War Cry and the Storm Journal.

The Forgotten Gift

After a Christmas concert, members of a children’s church choir gloat about how well they have done. Their attitudes reflect overall issues their choir director has started to notice in them. As they talk, they return to the choir room to pick up Christmas gifts left for them by Director Smith. However, the gifts she gives them are unexpected. In each gift box, the children find pieces of paper featuring the non-tangible aspects of Jesus, such as patience, hope, and courage. Angry at what they have received, the children vent, crumple the papers, and throw them to the floor. After throwing the papers on the floor, one child notices that there is more on the back of the papers and discovers why the choir director has chosen to give the gifts. Gaining understanding, the child reflects. The others follow suit.Finally, one of the children realizes that there is still one gift left on the table. On the box, it says, “To everyone.” The children open the box to discover the final and most important gift — the gift of Jesus.

Visit the place where children are empowered and those who empower come to empower. Click below to learn more. 

Empowerment University for Children 

EUC helps children see beyond today to help build a better future for tomorrow. Biblical-based and secular classes will be available along with workshops and conferences. 

*Cost depends upon program instruction. 


Limited sessions will be available to children, parents, teachers, and organizations to help them reach their empowerment goals, which align with CCE’s mission and vision.

*Cost depend upon service needs.

Filling the Gap

FTG is the mission arm of CCE. It includes the Bags of Blessing program, volunteer services, and free educational programs and services.

*FTG programs and services are free.

Event Planning

CCE is available to host or plan special events which align with its empowerment goals. If you need assistance or just want to know more, reach out.

*Cost depends upon service needs. 

Christian Writing & Speaking with Jacqui Wilson

Christian Writing & Speaking (CWS) is now a part of the Pandora Podcast Family. Join us as we share stories from the lives of those who write and speak in the Christian world. Learn how they became who they are today and what motivated them to produce for God. 


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